Fern gametophytes?


Took some matured leaflets from a Nephrolepis plant growing at our college and scraped the brown sacs (the sori) on its lower epidermis over the mud of my plant pots at home with an aim to disperse spores. The next day found some heart-shaped, tiny, green structures growing on the mud. Foldscoping those, it did seem like I grew gametophytes at home.
Some of the pictures :

I expected to see gametes too, but did not see any. Chloroplasts are clearly visible and also the fact that gametophytes of Nephrolepis comprise only a monolayer of cells!


A foldscopist.

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  1. Cristina says:

    Dear @Ronak Hati:

    This is really awesome! I have always longed to see the pteridophytes haploid phase with my own eyes ! I can notice it is heart-shaped, as books state…. and those rizoids…. no tissues……. Absolutely beautiful!! I am going to try to replicate your experience with my pupils.

    Thanks so much for sharing your discoveries with the community. Your work is utterly sensational!

  2. laksiyer says:

    Brilliant as always @Ronak

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