Study of pollen grains from honey and flower using foldscope

Pollen of honey sample collected from mangrove forest of Indian Sundarban
Gossypium herbaceum
Gossypium herbaceum
Pollen grains of Solanum lycopersicum
Workshop to enhance the apiculture by foldscope
Study the pollen grains from honey by using foldscope
Pollen grains of Tagetes sp.
Indian marigold flower
Community awareness using foldscope
Pollen grains of Dendropthae falcata
Pollen grains of Acanthus ilicifolius
Pollen grains of Carica papaya
Pollen grains of Thespesia populnea

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  1. laksiyer says:

    @punarbasu. These are some of the best pollen pictures I have ever seen with a foldscope. If you dont mind, could I put them into the pollen database that we collect on our website?

    Your name will of course be there. I normally collect the flower petal and put up an image too, but I will take these any day and you can either send me pictures of the tree/flower or I could just find them from the internet. I particularly like the Dendropthae falcata pollen. What an unusual shape for a pollen!!

  2. Ronak Hati says:

    The second one is amazing!!!

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    Stunning shots. Absolutely beautiful. What a delight to see this..

    While looking at these pictures – I questions popped in my head – why are so many pollen “yellow” – anyone knows? Why not “red or blue”.. maybe they are – but commonly I see yellow.

    @Laks: any insights?


    1. laksiyer says:

      Thats a great question @Manu. I suspect many aspects of pollen biology are determined by their carriers such as insects, wind. I wonder if the color might be more a protection against UV? Have to see if anyone has studied this?

  4. Cristina says:

    Wow!!! Amazing images!!! They are so neat! Last one’s spines are really beautiful! Is there any special technique to get such accurate shots?

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