Foldscope Session for Summer School Students Workshop @IMScChennai

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai is hosting ~70 school students as part of an 8 day Summer School Students Workshop 2018.

This week the students assembled Foldscopes:

We had just about enough time to try out our Foldscopes with various slides!

Here’s an ant stuck in a slide:

Here’s some stomata from a leaf:

Here’s a slide of some green stuff (possibly lichen or moss?)

Here’s what a blade of grass looks like under a Foldscope:

Finally, here’s my favorite Foldscope specimen: pollen! Do you know which flower this is from?

Stay tuned for our next post from #IMScSSSW2018 on pollen…

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely beautiful work. I am amazed to see the pollen slide.

    It would be fascinating to connect the microscopic patterns with mathematical ideas – you could start with crystallization.


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