A simple way to observe ‘invisible’ structures!

By now you all must have understood about the love I have for the plant pots I have at home. And also the fact that I rarely get out…
I had these things growing in one of my plant pots.

Foldscoping the blue stuff (it was difficult to separate it from the mud), I got to these images.

Does it seem when you look at those blue filaments, that they are made up of several smaller cells?
Now, once I use the negative and solarize software filters on my mobile camera….

First two images are what is the negative effect, the third one is what is the solarize effect. Are you able to see cells on the filament now?

Try playing with other such filters in your own phones to get better details! : )

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Ronak,
    Built in “color” filters on the phone are a fantastic way to adjust and play with contrast. In the end; I would love to see if any tools on the phone provide absolute control of adjusting all the parameters of the image (brightness, LUT, saturation etc etc). If you have a specific one you like – please do share it.

    Again, a very insightful post. And clearly; you have oscillatoria like filaments growing in a almost dry soil. That’s really interesting.


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