Demonstration and collection of plankton samples at Tamdil lake,Mizoram,India.

To get the desired result on plankton diversity during different seasons in one year, monthly visit to the proposed site i.e. Tamdil which is 110 kms from Aizawl, is a must. We were afraid that we would miss out  the opportunity of getting the plankton sample for march. So, right after we got the mail for DBT funding we went to the proposed site  i.e. Tamdil and collected the plankton samples we then preserved it with formalin then took it back to our school (Govt KM Higher Secondary School, Aizawl). The Water level was low as there was no rainfall then and the water temperature was 24°C.



First sample collection at Tamdil

On 30th of April, after I attended the foldscope orientation programme. With the students we went to Tamdil again , to collect the plankton samples . The water temperature had rose to 28°C and the water level too had increased as rain had started falling though it was summer season . In this part of the country precipitation rate is quite high.


We observed some of the samples with foldscope but we had to hurry home due to rainfall. We then preserved the plankton samples for future observation in the school laboratory.

I  then demonstrated the use and arrangement at the school (some students were already familiar with it)  and we observed some of the slides. Here are a few of the photos we observed, some  phyto and zoo planktons    were visible on the slides. Cyclops are of  common occurence till date but it is too early to make a conclusion.

The march sample was quite dirty as compared to the april sample as the water level was lower and there were a number plant debris.








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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely beautiful work @Miriamkimi. I will write a detailed note also sharing some protocols we have used for comprehensive plankton sampling – I love the field site you have chosen. It’s almost a dream location.

    Wanted to drop a quick note to say hello – thrilled to see picture of the students deeply engaged in the microcosmos.


  2. Miriamkimi says:

    Thank you ! Sir.

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