Fungi with Foldscope


For long time I wanted to really see how fungi looks. So today i decided to see it with the foldscope. But I did not have lactophenol cotton blue stain to see it. So I found an alternative from the internet and tried it – Iodine and Glycerine is the alternative.

Fungi was present in the wheat batter which was around 10 days old. I took small quantity of the sample.

First Attempt 

Mixed 2 ml of Iodine and 2 ml of Glycerin. Took one drop and added to the foldscope slide with the sample of fungi.

Result: Was able to see only dark colour in the background

Second Attempt 

Add 12 ml of water to 2 ml of iodine and 2 ml of Glycerin. I mixed it well. Then I repeated the same procedure.

Now I got to see this

I would like to know what fungi species is this. I have a doubt whether it could be mucor species or something similar.


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