African trypanosomiasis blood smear(ID: 6 #BioE301C)

This is a human blood smear sample from Africa. The diagnostic feature of this sample is that in the blood smear, there are visible parasites. Although this sample was not stained well, by naked eyes we can identify flagella on the parasite body. There are more than 20 parasites on this blood smear sample.

This sample is from patient of African trypanosomiasis or known as African sleeping sickness. It is caused by T. b. gambiense and T. b. rhodesiense, which are indistinguishable morphologically. A typical trypomastigote has a small kinetoplast located at the posterior end, a centrally located nucleus, an undulating membrane. Here is a zoom in image from Wikipedia.


To form the scale bar, we drew two lines with 1mm space on the paper slides and took a picture. Then drew a line on the picture and divide it by 10 to make a 100um scale bar.


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  1. laksiyer says:

    Hi @XINZHIZOU Fantastic that you could get this parasite under a foldscope. It is about 20 microns, so we should be able to see a bit. I have a suggestion.

    Re-edit your post. Click on your picture, a menu pops up and click on the pencil icon (Edit), In Display Setting of the new menu that pops up, on “Link to” choose “Media file”. That will make your pictures clickable and zoomable. Once you do this for all pictures of a post, I think it remains so for all future posts.

    That way we can zoom into your pictures and study it a bit more.

    1. xinzhizou says:

      Thanks! Already did that!

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Good work @XinZhiZou.

    I did not stain this sample at all; so I am very happy you were still able to identify the same.

    Try taking more pictures – it will give you good practice for imaging smaller organisms.

    Welcome to the foldscope community – loved your scale bar approach 🙂


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