First session with Foldscope

Reposting my first post as initially I have attached a MS word file.

It was a great honor to be selected by Foldscope team for use of Foldscopes as a teaching and educational tool. The orientation workshop at ICGEB, New Delhi on 16th April, 2018 gave us an opportunity to interact with our N-E twining parteners. Learning the assembly of Foldscopes from Prof. Jim and Dr. Shailja’s team at ICGEB marked the beginning of the project.

My 1st hand experience with the foldscope

I am excited to share the results of our 1st attempt of using Foldscope along with my Co-PI Dr. Jasveen Dua

After the orientation at ICGEB, New Delhi on assembly and usage of Foldscope, the few initial days at Chandigarh passed completing the documentation and other formalities to start working with the Foldscopes.

Our first practical material to begin was the fern Pteris vittata, growing in the college Botanical garden. The fertile leaves were bearing sporangia along the ventral margins. We took out some sporangia and prepared a temporary wet mount. After fitting the slide in the foldscope, the first observations were clicked using a simple phone.

Fern Pteris vittata
Pteris Leaf
A group of sporangia filled with spores
Each sporangium had a long stalk and an outer boundary of cells with thickened radial walls. Some triangular shaped spores with thick outer covering
Sporangium opening with released spores

A few thin-walled cells from where spores were released marked the point of opening of sporangium

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