Introducing school students to the world of microbiology using Foldscope

I visited Aizawl to attend the National Conference on Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria during the second week of May 2018. I reached Aizawl one day prior and planned to conduct a workshop at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Aizawl. The weather in North-Easter part of India is difficult to predict and it started raining heavily, somehow our flight landed at Lengpui Airport. I took a taxi from the airport and started my onward journey towards Mizoram University. The rain was so heavy that I was not able to see the road, but my driver Mr Mani was an experienced man and he drove me safely to Mizoram University Guest House, where Dr. Bhim P Singh was eagerly waiting for the conference participants. According to him, I was first to reach the guest house from the airport. Next day morning, I visited Kendriya Vidyalaya and after a small meeting with Principal and Science teacher of the school, we all moved towards the library, where students of 9th and 10th class were waiting for us. I introduced myself to the kids and initiated a conversation about microbes and microbial world. Most of the students were aware of microorganisms and the importance of microorganisms, but none of them has observed or seen microorganisms before, so when I told them that I have a tool made up of paper, which can help them visualizing microorganisms, all students were super excited to observe specimen using #Foldscope. With the help of few students, we assembled foldscopes and then we started observing few slides. It was really a day well spent, as the expressions of students were the best saviours I could collect from Mizoram.   

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