Foldscope Plan


The Foldscopes arrived a month ago and I shared them with a few fellow medical laboratory scientist. The plan was to see if we could put it together. It took about a half hour to assemble. We were happy to get in on this project and eager to get started. We were able to use traditional glass microscope slides and the tape slides provided in Foldscope kit. However, we discovered that there may be issues with the stability of the paper scope when examining blood cells or use with medical testing.

The goal was to be able to count many tiny cells in a sample of blood. The scope or item observed must be very still. The paper microscope did a good job of allowing us to view the cells and to use our cell phones to amplify the image.

We will continue to see how many slides a paper microscope is able to handle and how durable the Foldscope remains after multiple use. We also plan to write a procedure highlighting how to use the Foldscope.

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  1. Niramay Gogate says:

    Can you elaborate what did you exactly do?

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