CANNABIS CALYXES : glands of cannabinoids


Cannabis sativa (Marijuana), a common road side medicinal weeds in Assam have different uses. Besides ethnomedicinal uses, this plant is also considered as sacred in some part of the region. The plant is unique in its beauty and intoxicating aroma. The female flowers grow long with trichomous sepal and petals. The Cannabis calyx is the most resinous part of the plant. The calyx is the base of the flower that holds everything together. It provides protective covering for the reproductive organs.
I am extremely delighted today after seeing the cannabis flowers under my foldscope. It is seen that the calyx is covered with trichomes. Moreover, the trichomes are found as the resin glands. After consulting with the references, I found that this resin glands are the source of cannabinoids including psychoactive THC.

Thank you, FOLDSCOPE, for introducing me with this alien object.

Trichomes in the surface

The resins

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