Onion Root Tip

Here’s the first foldscope image I’ve ever taken. It is a prepared slide of an onion root tip, stained with acetocarmine to visualise the chromosomes.

The onion root tip is a great sample to observe the stages of mitosis, however, most of the division is occurring a bit farther back along the root than where I took this image. The root cap itself is the location of cells that can sense gravity, and so when I took this image I was instead focussing on the cells involved in graviperception.

Images taken November 4, 2017 at University of Wisconsin -Madison, WID Foldscope Teacher Workshop


Onion Root Tip

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  1. laksiyer says:

    This is great. I think in some of them, we do see certain mitotic phases. Here’s a suggestion. Re-edit your post. Click on one of your pictures, a menu pops up and click on the pencil icon (Edit), In Display Setting of the new menu that pops up, on “Link to” choose “Media file”. That will make your pictures clickable and zoomable. Once you do this for all pictures of a post, I think it remains so for all future posts. Looking forward to reading your explorations.

    1. zakrah says:

      Hiya Laksiyer, thanks for the tip. I made the change you suggested. The images have poor focus so I don’t think you’ll be able to see much more detail even when zooming in, but as it was the first time using the foldscope I wanted to share.

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