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In December 2017, Center for Assistance in Sports and Education (CASE) delivered 30 Foldscopes to the 6th-12th graders at the Sri Sarada Eshwar Vidya Mandir School in Pozhichalur, India, a small village just outside of Chennai. CASE provided children at the Sri Sarda Eashwar Vidya Mandir school free and useful science tools to use in class. The goal of this project was to engage teachers and students to “build a global community of explorers”. Before CASE’s efforts, the students of the Sri Sarada Eshwar School only had two microscopes to use between multiple classes and multiple grades. Now, with 30 Foldscopes to use between them, the students  have a greater opportunity to learn from and use microscopes in the classroom.

The village of Pozhichalur is located an 1 hour drive away from the city of Chennai in India. Though the village is fairly close to a major Indian city, it is still quite rural. Traveling there required us to use various dirt roads and small, one-car paths. The students had a fun time exploring the FoldScopes. We showed them many close-up pictures that we took with the FoldScopes and explained to them how they could assemble and use the FoldScopes in class. They were all extremely thankful and excited about the possibilities given to them to explore everything around them under the microscope!

We are very grateful to Dr Manu Prakash, Ms. Christine Q. Kurihara, and the Prakash Lab at Stanford University for encouraging and supporting us in this project.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    It’s incredible to hear the student testimony. Thanks for sharing your work here CASE. The community in India is truly growing fast – and we look forward to seeing you here often.

    Best wishes to the kids..


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