Today on 6th June,2018, we the Foldscope team of Govt. H.S. & M.P. School have organized a day long field study entitled “Bio-walk with Foldscope”. In this field study every one was free to study anything and everything they found intersecting during the walk in wild. Our destination for this programme was Chirang Reserve Forest (CRF) which is in the buffer area of the Manas Biosphere Reserve. The CRF is famous for its biodiversity, about 500 sp of Angiosperm including 120 sps of Orchid sps, some magnificent mammal species like Elephant, Tiger and endemic Golden Langur is recorded here.
Our todays team comprising of 25 students from class X and IX standard along with 12 nos. of teachers as supervisor of every students group. The co-coordinator of Foldscope Project of our institution Mr. Goutam Dev Sarma was overall in charge of the programme. At around 9:30 AM we started our journey from Kokrajhar Town and destination was about 60 KM away towards the international border with Bhutan.
We entered the CRF around 10:30 AM, and our first point of observation was about 2 KM from the entry gate. Here we have found some species of wild mushroom/fungi growing on some fallen wood and on elephant dung. One group of students make some wonderful slides of this Agaricus species and observed under foldscope. Moreover, another group of Students of class X were so delighted to study the pollen grain of some wild flowering plants. They have selected some species of Zingiberaceae family and observed under foldscope (Photo attached).
As the area is typically of moist deciduous type, during monsoon season the forests become the store house of different species of Leeches. Most of us were attacked by leech when we entered the forest. One of the students have observed the blood that was oozes from his feet due to leech and also the abdominal structure of the leech.
This was an excellent day for all of us. Gradually I shall upload all our observation in individual post.
For this endeavor I would like to acknowledge DBT and Prakash lab for their support.

With regards,

a) Leech b) Leech under foldscoe c) blood under foldscope

Agaricus sp. from Elephant dung and its spore print under foldscope
Foldscope team at Bhutan

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