When I was crazy about to record the sliding movement of Oscillatoria species from the water sample collected at Chirang Reserve Forest during our Bio Walk program with foldscope, I have encountered these zooplankton species. It was a very delightful experience to record such species with foldscope.

Thank you, Foldscope, for introducing me with the world of microcosmos.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    @Raju. I must have seen these videos a few times already. This is brilliant. This is exactly the kind of things and quality of video that I was hoping to see from such places. Most of what you see are ciliates. Interesting, how a bacterium in its multicellular form is bigger than a eukaryote. I wont be surprised if there are only two types of ciliates in this, but this is harder to say with the brief snapshot. I cant wait to see more. Do you have access to methylcellulose or detain to slow things down?

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