Microorganisms in stagnant water

Having Foldscope in your pocket will not let you go idle. Just for fun, I observed a small drop of water stagnating in the ground below the common water cooler in the school and observed motile microorganisms. I don’t know what these are ,,,,,,,,,any one can tell me.  Foldscope is a wonderful instrument, It’s an extra eye always with you to Google in the microscopic world.  

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic. You have diatoms, a dividing chlorophyte and a hypotrich ciliate. Quite amazing that all this grows near the water cooler!!!

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Wow – what a fantastic data set and resolution. I can see some bacteria swimming around as well. Water cooler shoots out water droplets onto people (aerosols); so this also implies that anything that grows in the water cooler gets sprayed on people sleeping in front of it. I wonder if that might have a health consequence.

    @Anil: this would be a fantastic research question to ponder and publish. I would start with two approaches:
    1. Collect spray droplets coming out of the water cooler – and see if you can find some of the living organisms in the same.
    2. You might also try to keep a “agar plate” in front of the cooler for a few seconds; and let it grow to see what kinds of bacteria might be present in the water cooler spray.

    Always keep exploring – fantastic work.


    1. Anil Kumar Pandey says:

      I clarify that this sample is taken from the ground below the drinking water cooler, the ground has soil bed and in little shaded are and have exposure of sunlight also for few hours. Excess water keeps on flowing and stagnates on the ground below the machine/cooler, the exhaust from the compressor blows warm air current and keep the chilled water to normal temperature. This had developed an ecosystem, where bacteria, protozoa, algae… etc grows. it is interesting that lots of microorganisms of different sp. observed in the tiny droplet.
      I had once explored sample from room air water cooler also but there was nothing visible as water gets renewed eweryday.
      I observed motile organisms from a room water cooler which was not in use and was kept out of the home where rainwater accumulated and few leaves gathered from the storm.
      Yes, resolution of Foldscope is good. Feel few problems while using it 1) glass coverslip displaces easily when examining droplets. Adhesive coverslip supplied with the Foldscope is a good solution for this, but I have to see whether it is available in the market. 2) while taking pictures and videos using mobile phone, it goes out of focus if the field is changed. I feel a phone stand is needed to hold it while capturing images and changing field of vision.

  3. laksiyer says:

    @Anil, if you have glass coverslips they are better than the adhesive one. Just stick the glass coverslip with tape. Manu puts two sheets of tape on either side onto which he puts a coverslip and then tapes the coverslip. This gives a 100 micron width to allow the critters to swim around. Do you have the sample slide box? I usually use that as a stand and it works really well. Something of that height is perfect. Looking forward to seeing more of your explorations.

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