Cashew peel under foldscope


I am excited to share my foldscope click of cashew peel. Can anybody guide what is being viewed as I am unable to make out these beautiful stripes. I simply know that cashew are a rich source of fats and a few vitamins.

cashewnuts with peel on them
peel as seen under a foldscope

thin sections of the cashew surface were peeled and observed under foldscope

Amazed to see these stripes forming a regular pattern

Magnified the view to see these beautiful patterns

In autumn break I had been to Goa on the college trip and got some cashew with peel on them. Got a foldscope in the workshop from Samriti Dhawan, my Biotechnology teacher, and observed both stained and unstained peel and thin hand sections of cashew kernels to see these amazing features. Next time I will follow histochemical technique to get details of these.


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