Exploring Micro Cosmic world through Foldscope

Exploring Micro Cosmic world through Foldscope

As a Science Communicator I wish to learn and explore spaces in and around me. Here I have explored Micro Cosmic world using Foldscope at Media Research Forum, Madurai. We have constructed our Foldscope as per instruction given in the manual. After each step of foldscope construction our curiosity has increased to see micro world.

We took 30 mins to assemble it and tried to view few ready made slides which have given along with the kit. Yes.. It was soooo beautiful.. We felt that Ahaha moment when we saw slides through Foldscope.

Our curiosity has fulled us to explore few more. Then we have prepared few slides to view Ant, Mosquito, Nuts, Honey Bee Leg & Fern Rhizome. Then we have tried to captured those amazing magnifications through our mobile camera. Once again we have felt that “Ahaha” moment.

Then our curiosity moved towards projecting magnified images. We struggled few times, finally we have projected our magnified images & explored.

I would like to thank and appreciate the entire Team of “Foldscope Instruments” for given this wonderful instrument to democratize Science. My special thanks to Media Research Forum, Madurai and Dept. of Communication, MKU for given this wonderful opportunity for me to assemble Foldscope.

Surender Ponnalagar

Project Fellow – Foldscope Project

Media Research Forum, Madurai

I have assembled foldscope
Skeletal cell captured through Mobile Phone
Fern Rhizome captured through Mobile Phone
Nuts captured through Mobile Phone
Honey Bee Leg
Ant Head


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