Magnificent world of butterflies-2

1. wings of peacock pansy butterfly collected during my field visit.
2. a single scale dusted from the wing having villi like projections at tip and many striations in its body.
3. wing scales as seen under foldscope.
4. scales magnified.
5. black coloured scales magnified.
6. scales having different projections at their tips.
7. blue coloured scale magnified.
8. smaller scale having more diameter than other scales and more no. of villi like projections at tip magnified.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Beautiful beautiful. Are you collecting images. We could think about a butterfly database measuring number and shape of prominent spokes in scale and comparing them to butterfly phylogeny.

    1. jasdeepsingh_sd11 says:

      yes sir, i’m collecting their images.I have just started it and trying my best to study them.Your appreciation means alot.Thank you.

  2. Samriti Dhawan says:

    Good Job Jasdeep. Keep it up.

    1. jasdeepsingh_sd11 says:

      Thank you ma’am.Keep showering your blessings.

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