Foldscope Orientation


In a summer workshop conducted at SD College, Chandigarh, the students of B.Sc Botany were familiarized with the concept of foldscope, its usage and potential advantages. Later they collected samples and tried their hands at foldscopy. They were thrilled with this new activity to capture the images on the mobile phones.

Glimpses from the workshop can find enthusiastic students busy assembling and then using the foldscopes. It was an adventure for them as in routine they are not allowed mobile phone in the classes and here they were asked to bring along their fully charged mobiles.

They were excited and keen to share their first views with the foldscope global community@Microcosmos.


Learning to assemble a Foldscope


Learning to view through a Foldscope

 Collecting samples for Foldscopy

 Clicking images


Temporary mounts of Pollen and potato peel prepared by students for foldscopy



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