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  1. Cristina says:

    Beautiful indeed!!! Do you know what those tightly coiled chloroplasts represent, I mean, are they undergoing any special process?

    Best wishes

  2. varuni says:

    This is really beautiful!! Can you share how you isolated/enriched for Spirogyra?

  3. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    Beautiful work, any reason behind this type of structure

  4. Eden Educational Resource Centre says:

    அற்புதம் மிக அற்புதம்.

  5. TCIS Outreach says:

    “The helical chloroplasts of the filamentous alga Spirogyra become tightly coiled where they intercept a microbeam of blue light (Lambda-max at 430,476 and 500 nm, …” (Photomovement, by D.-P. Häder, M. Lebert – Google Books result).

    Was this in the foldscope LED light? Do please tell us your technique. Thanks, – Jayashree

  6. JDua says:

    A very clear view indeed of spiral chloroplasts of Spirogyra.

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