Water Hyacinth under Foldscope

Habitat photograph
Water Hyacinth(Eichhornia Crassipes) is a free floating aquatic macrophyte found every where in India. Water Hyacinth shows hydrophytic adaptations like reduced epidermis, lacking cutical and have a large air-space. Presence of rafied crystals is found in the parenchyma cells. The most important anatomical feature found is the presence of gas -filled chambers. These air chambers give buyancy to the organism. The aeranchyma cells are prominent in the anatomy.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Do you know what the function of those thorn-like projections is?

    1. goutamKGHS says:

      For the movement of the solutes and gases over short distances, parenchyma(aeranchyma) often develop extensive interior projections of the cell-wall, thereby increase the surface area of the plasma membrane and enhance transport across the membrane .

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    What a beautiful post. Absolutlty stunning. Such a crucial role for the gas pockets in floating. I grew up watching this plant take over lakes and completely choke them – but never imagined to stop and take a look

    Fantastic. Could you also share the surroundings where you collected this and how you made thin slices.

    Keep exploring.


  3. goutamKGHS says:

    Thank u very much sir. Your comment is really inspirational for me. I shall share the picture of the surrounding from where I collected it and others u asked for.
    Again thanks a lot for your kind words.

  4. goutamKGHS says:

    I have taken a matured plant from the location shown in photograph and T.S. was done . The T.S. was observed under Foldscope and the oxalate crystals also seen.

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