sink vs. water fountain vs. purified water

How can the foldscope be used in a school enviorment?


The fold scope can be extremely useful in an everyday environment but it has even more benefits in a classroom. Not only can the foldscope be used to teach kids how use a microscope but it also allows kids to be up up to date in the world. The foldscope teaches kids what cells look like and what diseases look like, but before we get to that lets work on how to focus them so you can get a clear image of the cells.

The way we suggest doing this is by testing the water in the environment around them it easy and fun to make slides with water so this is what we suggest using. We took water from sinks, water fountains and purified water and trying to tell the difference. The picture at the top is of dyed purified water, see what images you can create!

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