Workshop por Primary and Secondary School Teachers “Education of Neuroscience”

The interactive workshop “Education of Neurosciences” was given within the framework of the 1st CEIBAL Science Day “Tools for teaching”, which will took place on June 9 of this year, addressed to primary and secondary school teachers from all over the country.In line with the Conference, in the Workshop “Education of Neurosciences” we address content and tools for the production of scientific projects related to Neurosciences.  We focused on the study of the morphological structural organization of the nervous system, particularly at the cellular level, emphasizing the methodological approaches such as classical neurohistological techniques (silver techniques), immunohistochemistry and neuronal tracing. It will also facilitated direct work with hardware (DIY and Foldscopes) and appropriate software for the realization of techniques as well as for the observation of histological preparations and acquisition of images.
It expected to facilitate the didactic transposition of techniques commonly used in scientific research that could be used by teachers to create projects in the classroom.



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