Tips On How To Use the Fold Scope




These are the microscope slides that we did, the one on the left is a picture of the leg of a butterfly and the one on the right is the hind leg of a honey bee. In the first picture you can see very clearly the color and texture of the leg of the butterfly. The second picture you can see that the hind leg of the honey bee is straight unlike the the butterfly leg. Both of the legs have different textures ,the butterfly leg has a fuzzy texture. The honey bee leg has a more smooth texture to it. These legs are very interesting to look at and focus with the fold scope ,because you might think that they look the same, but they are not.


If you are having trouble finding the slide through the fold scope, I would recommend  looking up at the light. Make sure that the slide is right underneath the lens. Look through the lens very carefully so that you get full view of the slide that is underneath. This fold scope is very useful because it is easy to carry around and easy to use. At the beginning it might be kind of difficult to adjust it but once you get used to it it will be very easy.

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