Firefly under Foldscope

In summer night, Firefly blowing is a common was a matter to be crazy to know how this beautiful phenomenon takes place in Firefly. Today I caught one alive and observed the glowing part, i.e. its lower abdomen under my wonderful instrument Foldscope.
Bioluminescence takes place in a special light emitting organ located in the lower abdomen of Firefly due to chemical reaction of certain enzyme with magnesium ions, ATP and oxygen which is controlled by the insect itself. Here is a little try on it. It’s really amazing.
Salute to Foldscope.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wow wow wow.. you got a live firefly under a foldscope. Brilliant.

    Please post some videos online – would love to see the blink under a foldscope.


  2. goutamKGHS says:

    Thanx a lot sir. Surely I shall post the blinking vedio of Firefly shortly

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