Observation of pollen grains in Hibiscus

Foldscope workshop at TIFR Hyderabad June 19-20, 2018

Hibiscus rosasinensis

We observed the pollen grains of Hibiscus rosasinensis, which belongs to Malvaceae family.

The surface of the pollen grains

The pollen grains are very clear and olive yellow in colour. The surface of pollen colporate (having apertures which combine a rounded pore and a groove) having numerous round tip spines.

E. Sreenivas (JL in Botany)

Jainuddin (TGT, Biology)

Ravindar (TGT, Biology)

Foldscope ID Numbers:

0002CE83AD52, 0002DED71F03, 00021B9598E8, 000203C37CAF, 0002C2622E61, 000203B6EA25, 000222957244, 0002D971B84F, 0002A6BB361C, 00027DEEC6F9, 0002418C32A6, 00020E8970D8, 0002D3CE4CFE, 00020AD4DAF1, 0002A2FF24AF, 00020A9F4C8D, 000253D6396F, 00024167B56F, 00021B9086CC, 0002093EF675, 0002870C3B16, 000250B52A9C, 0002D7E2B8A0.

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