Biomimicry Activity: Investigating a Blade of Grass

We used the Foldscopes to do an engineering activity as a kick-off to a study of Biomimicry.  In the activity students examined the structure of a blade of grass answering the question, “What makes a blade of grass stand up?” and then created their own structure with basic materials to see who could build the strongest, tallest tower. Lesson plan here: Foldscope Biomimicry.  Using Airplay, we projected student photos on the Smartboard for discussion.

Student photo using iPad
Student photo using iPad

IMG_0402 (1)

IMG_0408 (1)





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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Fantastic. Vwr well planned out; will be so useful for other looking for lesson plans to follow. Thank you.

    Did you look at the edge of the blade of grass – a beautiful surprise is hidden at the edge of some species. Hint: “shark teeth”..


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