Plankton at Tamdil lake

We went to tamdil on 25th may to get the may samples for  our project. We hired 2 buses and one other vehicle and there were showers the day before . The students were quite enthused. It was a 4 hours ride and was a bit hectic. The water temperature was 27°C.

We have been observing the samples in our school laboratory and had finished observing  the march samples.

Here are our observations:

Copepods are of the most common occurance and cyclops occur in large number.Microspora species and kellicotia  a rotifer were also found. A zooplankton  moina micrura were of common occurance.Stylonichia  were also present.

Moina micrura










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  1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    Students really love this type of activities

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