Just assembled our foldscope

6 yr old independently assembling foldscopeWe got the package last night. I delayed assembly until this morning. My 6yr old was up as the first light shone in and he whispered in my ear, “mami, foldscope?” So, it’s the proverbal Christmas morning up in here!

My 6 yr old assembled our foldscope. We started out using the enclosed instructions but switched to the YouTube video. He had an easy time assembling. So good job there.

I really like the idea of a wordless/language less assembly so I’m going to see what I can do…maybe the 4 yr old can assemble the other one.

we have pulled hair, scraped teeth, poked my finger to extract blood, chased the pets for hair and dander samples. (My son also proudly called dad at work to announce he would pick his nose for science! Tmi?) Tomorrow we are hoping for a little snowflake Bentley action. The low mag lens works well, the high mag lens has something on it (?) so viewing is difficult.

While I made lunch, the kids took the foldscope into the closest with a flashlight…and a fly wing they found somewhere…and projected it onto the wall. What I saw looked nice.

I haven’t had a chance to use it for more than 15 seconds at a time so I haven’t been able to mount the camera. I’m hoping to get a turn after they go to bed.

I think box board will work better than card stock to make more slides as it is thicker and should fill the space well, recycled, and perhaps easier to get not to mention cheaper.

I also want to play with making a slide using just tape. I might also get some sugru to make some universal design modifications.

Being American, my hopes are:

-larger magnification balls, if it is safe to do so. It would really help viewing. It seems too small and viewing gets blurry.

-lenses labeled as they are so small I get them confused. I’m actually not sure what is in the condenser or low mag.

Many thanks!


oh, how does one load images? I tried and got many errors.

oh wait, putting pic in media first…does that work?

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    For assembly and usage instructions; please see this link with lots of videos and step by step instructions:


  2. Javed says:


    I am interested to get couple of these folding scopes.
    How can I buy them and from where?

    I need them by 29th Dec. if possible.


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