‘Pollen world of plants’-2

Portulaca plant is also called as rose moss.It is grown as ornamental plant.Main feature of this plant is that it is having fleshy leaves,stem and branches.It is a dicot plant.Here i observed the pollens of this plant.

1. Portulaca plant growing in my home.Its stamens are numerous, deep seated and hence, inserted.On touching it’s anthers, yellowish sticky powdery mass get attached to your finger.
2. Anther teased with the help of needle and yellow pollens oozed out.
3. Anther is bilobed and pollens are sticky in nature as even after teasing its anther lobes for appropriate time,the pollens did’nt dispersed and remain adhered.
4. Part of anther lobe zoomed.
5. These spherical structures seen here are the pollens of portulaca plant.We can see the thick exine covering very clearly here.
6. Here outer anther wall is visible made up of single layer of cells.And pollens are adhered to it.
7. Part of another stamen anther lobe showing mass of pollens .
8. Pollen tube arising from the pollen grain.
9. Here we can see the branched pollen tube coming from pollen.
10. Part of anther lobe showing its cellular structure .Filament is pinkish in colour.
11. Rounded, yellowish pollen grain seen at maximum zooming.
13. Sketch of the pollen grain.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    An amazing post. Love your sketch. Get a scale on your pollen, will make a huge difference to what we understand.

  2. jasdeepsingh_sd11 says:

    Thank you sir.
    Ok sir.

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful work Jasdeep. Here is a tutorial for scale bars: https://microcosmos.foldscope.com/?p=23496


    1. jasdeepsingh_sd11 says:

      Thank you very much sir.Your appreciation means a lot to me.

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