‘Pollen world of plants’-3

African marigold is one of the species of marigold genus.It’s scientific name is Tagetes erectus.It is also known as Mexican marigold.It is a bisexual flower having both stamen and carpel.It belongs to family Asteraceae and has racemose head inflorescense.Stamen is present inside the staminal tube and are 3 in number.Synantherous condition is seen here.Stigma is bifid.

1. African marigold growing in my house.
2. Teased anthers with filaments.
3. Three filaments .
4. Anther lobe containing many pollens.
5. Released pollens from anther lobe.
6. Pollens having spiny outer covering and are rounded in shape.
7. Sticky nature of pollens.
8. Spiny pollen.
9. Surface of bifid stigma bearing few pollens with pollen tube is clearly visible here.Therefore, pollens have started germinating here.
10. Pollens at maximum zooming showing irregular spiny outer covering.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    This is a gorgeous series of posts. One thing you could include is the size of your pollen. Do you have a way of getting a scale for comparison?

  2. jasdeepsingh_sd11 says:

    Thank you sir.I would love to include their size.Yes sir.

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