Hidden wonders through foldscope


Referring to my earlier post on ‘Kitchen garden through Foldscope’, I am excited as well as shocked to share the presence of bug or mite which I viewed in the hairy style of bean flower. The stamens and pistil are present within the closed petals – Keel (Carina) and I took them out after giving a slit. How come this mite or bug gain in entry ………. Can anybody explain ?  I am going to keep a close watch on my beans for these. Without foldscope, I could have never made it out.

The bug/mite observed in the hairy style of bean flower

Similar type of thing was noticed earlier by one of the students – Parul @ GGDSD within the reproductive part of the flower in Morning glory and has been referred in the post ‘Sticky pollen’.

One thing that is common in both the flowers is that their pollen do not have a spiny exine. Our group @GGDSD, Chandigarh is now keen to explore more such hidden wonders.

Foldscope Team @GGDSD College, Chandigarh

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