Foldscope assembly workshop at Sabanci University in Turkey & button and plankton tow making

This week a three day Foldscope workshop was run at Sabanci University’s highschool summer program in Istanbul, Turkey.  This was the first Foldscope workshop in Turkey. I hope that with this workshop, more people from Turkey  will hear about Foldscope. 

In this three day workshop, we first assembled our Foldscopes and learnt how to use them. We also made a DIY plankton tow from some stockings and hunted plankton from Sabanci University’s water filtration lake for sample preparation. Another activity was to  make buttons from photos taken by Foldscopes. For this we used a free button design website (, and a button maker from University’s brand new maker space. Finally, we used our Foldscopes in projection mode for some beautiful microscopic drawing.


Microscopic photos taken by Foldscopes were prepared for making buttons
We made buttons using photos taken by Foldscopes
We used Foldscopes in projection mode for drawing
We hunted plankton from the lake with our DIY plankton tow
High school students who attended the workshop
DIY plankton tow made by stockings

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely incredible work @MINUTEBODIES – what a brilliant idea of being able to carry your microscopy work right on your shirt anytime. Thanks for sharing this and inspiring the whole community.

    Also; would you mind sharing your “DIY plankton net” construction info here. Very useful for others in the community. One instruction set is here:


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