Methotrexate – an under appreciated drug discovered by an underappreciated scientist.

Methotrexate crystals

The first image shows crystals of methotrexate under plane polarized light. The vial containing them was to be discarded as it had expired 9 months prior.

The second image is the same image with slightly higher magnification and under plane polarized light.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Nice. It would be nice to include a note on Yellapragada Subbarow, who should have won at least 1 or perhaps 2 Nobel-level recognitions for his contributions to biochemistry. That way people can read about him and also the history of Methotrexate.

    1. Puchina says:

      Hello. Thanks. Have added some comments…want people to go to search a bit on their own and have joy of discovering and digging deeper themselves.

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