Testate amoebae from non irrigated soil ( Cotton field)

Testate amoebae are tiny microscopic single-celled organisms found in soil, water, wetlands etc. The amoeba secretes the siliceous or calcareous shells themselves grow,  and that shell called a ‘test’, hence the name. Testate amoebae. Testate amoebae have one aperture, or hole, in its shell out of which it projects itself to move around and feed. The type of Testate amoebae Euglypha tripgosa found in non irrigated soil ( Cottonfield). Primarily soil sample tested on field site with help of foldscope and for characterization observed under high power

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  1. Basilgeorge says:

    baeutiful work

    1. Satish says:

      Thanks, Sir!!!
      Pl. inform me your research area and institute.

  2. laksiyer says:

    Brilliant. Would love to see a video of the same. Have you tried culturing them?

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