Foldscope Assembly & Usage Workshop -3 at Govt. College for Women(A), Guntur

One day  Orientation Workshop on “Foldscope Assembly and Usage” sponsored by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India was conducted on 13.07.2018 at Government College for Women(A) , Guntur to create awareness on Foldscope for faculty and PG students.

40 faculty members from the following 10 colleges and 20 PG students from GCW(A), Guntur participated in the workshop

  1. Government College for Women(A), Guntur
  2. Sri Durga Malleswara Siddardha Mahila Kalasala (A), Vijayawada
  3. PBN Siddhardha College (A), Vijayawada
  4. JKC College (A), Guntur
  5. Chalapati Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences(A), Guntur
  6. Hindu College, Guntur
  7. Government Degree College, Vinukonda
  8. Government Degree College, Macherla
  9. Government Degree College, Bapatla
  10. Andhra Christian College, Guntur

The Workshop continued from 10,00 AM to 5.00 PM and the schedule of the workshop is as follows. Dr.Raghavamma from Chalapati Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences(A), Guntur ( recipient of Foldscope project)  helped in organising Assembling and Hands on sessions


Explanation about Foldscope and watching Assembly videos

Participants were excited about the invention, assembled the foldscope and observed various things like prepared permanent slides, Pond water, Curd, Panipuri water brought from a street food vendor. Participants were excited to observe bacillus in curd and other micro organisms and many requested to organise workshops at their colleges.

Assembly of foldscopes

Observing through Foldscope


Observations through Foldscope

Feedback on Foldscope by faculty members


The workshop ignited the enthusiasm among faculty members and students and many strongly wished to purchase a Foldscope.  They were also introduced to Microcosmos website to observe the pictures, videos and experiences of Foldscopers across the globe. Options like Foldscope site, Flipkart and Amazon were also shown to purchase foldscopes .


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