Help me identify these

I’m totally new to the world of microcosmos. My formal academic background in biology ends at 10th grade(In India).

This is a drop of puddle water, and looks like someone’s having breakfast!

Can someone help me identify this predator and the prey? (I have probably misunderstood the scene. Experts suggested this is probably a mating scene)

Thanks for any help 🙂


Spot where I collected the sample
Spot where I collected my sample.
I collected my water sample from here.

I could see some suspended particles already with my naked eyes while collecting the sample and I was pretty sure to see some life under the microscope.

More videos from same sample:

In this video, you can also see some moss like stuff and some nematodes again, but the center of attraction is the dotty guy moving in circles. It was fun watching him vigorously circling around like Shaktiman. Is that what you call a protozoa?
(Sorry about the unstable lighting and focus. I was having a tough time adjusting focus while holding my phone attached to the assembly while holding the whole assembly against my light source – a tube light)

Nearly 10 hours later I observed similar event like the first video again in same sample with different pair of nematodes. Does this tell us something more about what is happening?.

After the above vudev all three(the second – short one is difficult to see) remained calm and immobile for a long time. Then third one started moving again. Then third one separated after some time. First and second remained attached.

After this I am wondering whether they are getting stuck together just because the nematodes are having a hard time moving around inside the narrow space inside the pvc slide because the wiggling is almost restricted to 2 dimensions. Anyt houghts?



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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wow @rineez,

    Looks like you caught a really special moment. Looks like a larger worm (possibly also a nematode) eating a small nematode.

    I have been foldscoping for 6 years; and never caught a moment of feeding like this one. So you were indeed lucky. I am also not aware of any reports (they might exist) of nematode species eating each other. So your observation is novel.

    I would suggest you to better document this. Please add a picture where you took the sample. And go again and collect the same sample looking for these two nematodes again – and maybe another “breakfast” event.


    1. rineez says:

      Thanks for the support guys.
      And @manu special thanks for making foldscope.
      I collected this sample using micro pippet from surface of a rather slimy puddle of water below a coconut tree in my backyard (Hello from Kerala). I’ll update this post with a photo of the spot. Unfortunately, today is a rainy day here. So I guess the puddle is refreshed with new water from another rain already, and I’m not sure a sample collected right now will match the first one, if matching is important somehow.

      (I actually bought foldscope as a gift for my wife who’s an MSc biochemistry student. She was so excited to see a foldscope at RCC Research division, Trivandrum. But now even I’m able to make a slide and view it myself.)

  2. laksiyer says:

    This is truly a very special moment. It looks like a nematode eating another. However, the larger worm looks rather immobile. Did you wait for the breakfast to finish to see who burped? Looking forward for more such. I have never seen anything like this too.

    1. rineez says:

      Thanks @laksiyer. This is actually the first time I’m looking at such live micro organisms with my own eyes, and I was too excited to focus on this one area alone, sorry about that. I’ll definitely be more patient and observe longer next time. I’ll also add some more videos and photos I got from same sample.

  3. rineez says:

    @manu @laksiyer I have updated my post with more videos and photos. Thanks.

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