Educating the Chilika Fishermen about seagrasses and their role in ecosystem services

Nalabana, a protected bird sanctuary under Wild Life Act is also considered a nursery ground for many fish species. Every year millions of birds congregate in this area for feeding and resting purposes. Due to protected nature of site, fishing activities are banned in this sanctuary.  The sanctuary supports luxuriant sea grass meadows  that play central role in supporting fish juveniles by providing shelters and food items such as molluscs , bivalves, calms that are attached as epiphyte on sea grass meadows.  During  sea grass sampling campaign in Nalabana area, operating fisherman communties in the periphery of sanctuary were introduced about various ecosystem services of seagrasses that play crucial role in supporting fishery resources of Chilika Lagoon and hence the livelihood of 2 lakh fisherman communities . On site, observation on seagrasses were made by fisherman and they were shown live specimen of polychaeta attached with seagrasses.

Seagrass bed in Nalabana Bird Sanctuary
polychaete from spionidae observed under foldscope.

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    very nice awareness sir

  2. laksiyer says:

    Fantastic. Would love to see some polychaetes under the foldscope

    1. Gurdeep Rastogi says:

      Hi Laksiyer,
      I have uploaded the polychaetes that we observed under the foldscope. Please have a look.
      Gurdeep Rastogi

  3. laksiyer says:

    Thank you Gurdeep. Was this stained? What an unusual shape.

    1. Gurdeep Rastogi says:

      yes it was stained with the Dye Rose Bengal. it was stained as soon as it was collected from the site.

  4. Manu Prakash says:

    What a fantastic initiative @Gurdeep. These pictures tell such an incredible story. A fisherman can live on water, and have deep knowledge of the ecosystem; but never get a chance to see the microscopic life that truly supports everything macroscopic. It’s wonderful to see them engage and do this right on the boats.

    So much to discover on our planet; we need everyone to engage.


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