Children Want to Know: Water

Got the Foldscope, today! The kids were very excited to find an answer to their very first question.

In June, we moved to an area where the public water supply has been designated as unfit for human consumption. They wanted to know why.

20 minutes after opening the package, they had their answer.

The area’s water supply is heavy with various minerals, and inhabited by a plethora of tiny creatures.

The 7 year old reacted with excitement: “Mom! They have teeth!”

The 8 year old was slightly more pragmatic: “So, why do we still let the horses drink this stuff?”

The 11 year old was horrified: “You mean… that is in our house?”

The 15 year old reacted as she usually does: “Interesting. I’m going to go draw that wiggly one. Then I’ll find out what it is.”

The next question has already been asked.

“Mom? What’s the difference between the hair from donkey, horses, and us?”

Let’s go find out!

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wow – absolutely thrilled to read this conversation. This was exactly what our hope was.. Unleash the power of creative minds.. Please keep documenting these conversations, upload pictures of what they draw – this is very inspirational to other kids around the world.

    In case you needed it – lots of videos for data collection are linked here:


  2. LineMonkey says:

    Unfortunately, we won’t be able to post any images until late January. The household’s only cellphone has a non-functional camera. New cellphone (and much better camera) will be coming mid/late January, so we’ll start visual documentation at that point.

    For now; we’ll be typing out our observations. Our next post will contain each child’s observations on the differences between equine and human hair strands. (Possibly minus the 15 year old’s observations. She’s really focused on figuring out what the “wiggly one” is. I’ll let her discover that it’s a type of roundworm on her own.)

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