DBT Foldscope Project,MRGCA,Mannargudi,Tamilnadu

Dear Foldscope community Members…
Greetings ….
“To be inspired is great,but to be an inspiration is an hounour” Bring scine to day to day life of common man, i think through the foldscope project we can make the dream as sucess..
We started the work at Department of Microbilogy Mannargudi,Tamilnadu (Dr.Panner Selvam,Principal investigator of the project,Myself Ms.A.Reshma Ayswaria,JRF )Isolation of C.neoformans from pigeon drops ,collected from different temples and identification using foldscope( Staining and Culturing),we expecting we can introduce the use of foldscope to all students of schools and colleges, and expecting their contribution in future…
We Thank all the members of DBT Foldscope programe..

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