Foldscope Orientation Workshop -6 at SDM Siddardha Kalasala(A), Vijayawada

Faculty Training workshop on Fodscope Assembly and Usage was organised at Sri Durga Malleswara Siddartha Mahila Kala sala, Vijayawada on 31.07.2018. Faculty members from 10 different institutions, varying from schools, UG and PG colleges and Engineering college also participated in the workshop . Enjoyed  assembling the foldscopes and observed various permanent slides related to plants and animals and then ventured to observe curd sample and Panipuri water and recorded the movement of bacteria in Panipuri water . some images of the workshop

Explaining about Foldscope to the participants of the workshop

Assembling the foldscopes

Curiously observing the microscopic world through foldscopes

 Used a Rs.10/- pen torch, purchased from China Bazar as light source by keeping the torch between piles of books to observe and image the sample

Images observed – Panipuri water and Bacillus and cocci in curd


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