Introducing the official Foldscope blog series: The South America Diaries

Hi Microcosmos,

It’s Alice, long time no see! I’m here to tell everyone about an exciting new Foldscope company blog. This summer, I travelled with the Foldscope team all over Peru, Argentina and Brazil to give workshops and presentations to students, teachers, and organizations. We’ve been on the road for a little over three weeks now, and have officially launched the South America Diaries, which is a monthlong series documenting the Foldscope team’s first trip to South America!! You can read all about it HEREEE.

One useful thing about being a millennial is that we’ve got the selfie camera down. Here are some wholesome front-camera pictures from our trip to give everyone a teaser of our travels and work:

Rebecca and I with students from Club Atletico Juventud Unida Universitario high school in San Luis, Argentina
Middle school students from Milagros, a school in the Peruvian Amazon town of Puerto Maldonado
College students from UTEC, a technology and engineering university in Lima, Peru. The girl in the red scarf pricked her finger with a staple to get a sample of her own blood for her first Foldscope slide.
The whole Foldscope and ACEER (more on this organization later) teams and our guide from the Inkaterra Field Station in the Peruvian Amazon looking for birds on a rainy day in the jungle canopies.
Although Jim is not a millenial, he did a good job taking this photo during our tour of the rural pueblos of Argentina on a rainy day. Later that evening we talked to a biochemist working in the hospital of the tiny town of San Martin.

All of the team’s adventure’s will be posted on our new blog page: Check it out to get a behind-the-scenes look into the beautiful and mundane experiences that come with our mission to give every person on the planet a microscope. The posts will be written in my perspective but will cover a wide range of information about the organizations who have supported and collaborated with us as well as pictures from our workshops, observations about South America and snippets of great conversations with people we met along the way.  Read the very first post here, and check back regularly throughout this month to read about the trip.


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