Sensitization of Foresters about seagrasses and Foldscope

Seagrasses, the underwater forests play a crucial role in sustaining the flora and fauna in coastal lagoon like Chilika. Ironically, these underwater plants are mostly neglected when it comes to conservation and management plan of wetlands. Chilika, a biodiversity hotspot of India is well known for its scenic beauty, dolphins and birds. Seagrass meadows of Chilika are dense and dominated by Halophila and Halodule spp. During a refresher course organized by Forest and   Environment Department Govt. of Odisha for foresters and forest guards at Wetland Research and Training Centre, Chilika Development Authority, a special session on seagrasses and foldscope was included. Foresters were taught about the seagrasses, their ecosystems services, and diversity of flora and fauna that these plants support. Live demo on use of foldscopes to look at permanent slides of polychaetes, bacteria, isolated from seagrass meadows were delivered.

explaining the functioning of the Foldscope.
explaining how it can be connected with the phone and can be magnified

seeing through the Foldscope.

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