Book lice under foldscope-#Indiafoldscopephase 1

Horse gram seeds got primarily infested with cowpea weevil, after some days there was secondary infection with some kind of very tiny (measuring about 1 to 2 mm or less in length) soft bodied  pale yellow colour  insect. It was observed under foldscope and pictures were taken.

Fig: Soft bodied pale yellow colour insect

That was book lice. The head with a pair of very long and slender antennae, pair of mandibles (chewing type mouth part) wing less, three pair of legs, abdomen with nine segments was observed.



Fig: Book lice pest under foldscope


Book lice are not actually lice. This common, harmless insect can be a nuisance as they thrive is warm, damp environments. As the name suggests, they are often found feeding on the glue of book binding but also feed on mould and mildew. They also may infest dried, starchy foods that has been exposed to humidity.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    Incredible images. What family is it then, I though they were psocoterans? What an interesting red color near the mouth. Is it from the horse gram or a natural color?

    1. Soumitra3 says:

      Yes Sir, They belong to the order psocoptera and family liposcelidae. They are usually secondary pests that cause significant weight and quality loss in stored grain.
      Red colour near the mouth is natural only.

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