The Frozen Project: Additional Bloopers


The Frozen Project: a 6-year-olds study of crystals continues with a few more bloopers…

1) I was very inspired by Mr Manu to grow Vitamin-C crystals. Check out his blog HERE. Mommy and I read the blog, put on our shoes, and walked to the grocery store. Within an hour we had Vitamin-C and started our experiment. Days past and I went to check the slide. It looked pretty cool until I got it under the foldscope. All I had were unamusing dots that could not help us with our crystal project. Mommy and I spoke to our great friend “Dr. Matt” who told us more about Vitamin-C. He asked if we had purchased pure Vitamin-C or if there other ingredients in the sample. Our Vitamin-C had other ingredients. He said that the reason I had not grown any crystals was because there were other ingredients mixed with our Vitamin-C. He said the Vitamin-C sample needed to be 100% pure to be successful. Mommy and I have not found 100% pure Vitamin-C so can not complete the project.

2) While mommy and I were at the store, the pharmacist suggested I try Epson Salt crystals. She told me how to grow them in two different ways: 1) with water and Epson Salt mixed together and 2) with water, Epson Salt, and food coloring (blue was used) so you could see the crystals better. The clear ones looked very crystally on the slide, but under the foldscope the structure was so thick I could not see through it. It was like solid white fluff balls. The blue crystals, just like the white ones, looked very cool on the slide – maybe even cooler! Unfortunately they slid right off the slide so we could not explore them.

3) One night we found crystals on our counter – mommy’s theory was that it was from the hand soap that had spilled on the butcher block counter. So we tried to recreate these type of crystals on a slide. We had to wait a lot of days. It looked crystally, but us we were trying to put it under the Foldscope it sample turned to mush. Mommy thinks that the crystals form on the butcher block counter because of some reaction between the soap and the wood which creates the crystals – she also thinks the glass was preventing the same reaction.


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    I did not realize that I forgot to mention the exact vitamin C tablet I used. I will post that as soon as I reach home today.

    But your observation about other contaminants is a very interesting finding in itself 🙂


  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Here is the link to “Viatmin C” I used:

    You are right – it’s pure vitamin C. It costs $10 or so on a quick google search.


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