#IndiaFoldscopePhase1- Foldscope Orientation Workshop-7 at State Institute of Fisheries Technology, Kakinada for use in Shrimp Hatcheries

Foldscope Orientation Workshop was conducted on 17.08.2018 at State Institute of Fisheries Technology (SIFT) , Kakinada for personnel managing and working in Shrimp hatcheries.  The participants learnt about foldscope , assembled and really excited as they felt the tool is very useful to them in Hatcheries.

In hatcheries they tried the tool to observe algal cells, shrimp larval stages conversions and even Artemia, hatching conditions, used as live feed in shrimp hatcheries . Artemia hatched larva were stored at 3 degrees ( dormant condition) will put in water and within 15-20 minutes become active. We observed the dormant stage turning into active stage. 

They said that earlier they used to carry each sample to the lab to observe under microscope but now  this Foldscope is very handy, affordable and attachable to mobile so that they can observe the shrimp stages very clearly. They thanked Manu Prakash garu immensely and requested to launch Foldscope delivery from Delhi so that every one can have their own Foldscopes.



Images of Artemia observed under Foldscope


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