The Frozen Project: Part 10


The Frozen Project: A 6-year-olds study of crystals…

Good morning! What have you been up to? Studying ice cream. I looked at both vanilla and chocolate ice cream. (Idea thanks to @laksiyer.)

That sounds yummy! Well, I did not eat it!

What did you do with it? About three weeks back I took a slide and put ice cream on it. I let it melt and added a slip cover. Mommy and I froze it over night and then added tape to the edges of the slip cover. Then I let it refreeze multiple times. So today I took the slides and looked at them under the Foldscope. (Mommy and I learned through experimentation, that the slip cover and tape are important so that the ice cream sample does not fall off the slide while it melts.)

What did the ice cream crystals look like? The ice cream was very different than I had seen before. They had lots of circles and “peeker” holes. They had very subtle color. Also you could see the ice cream melt into bigger circles.

What makes these findings different from the other samples? Most of my other crystal samples were angular. The only other crystal samples that were similar with more circles would be the wet snow and salt which had three dimensional circles.

Here are my sketches:

Here are my slides: (I played with the lighting in order to see the samples better.)
IMG_2501S IMG_2504S IMG_2517S IMG_2523S IMG_2536S IMG_2542S


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  1. laksiyer says:

    Really nice analysis of the ice cream. I want to repeat this now.

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