2 day-Foldscope Workshop@GGDSD College

In the series of workshops conducted under foldscope project, another two day workshop was held @ GGDSD College Chandigarh on 20-21st Aug. 2018. Students were made aware about foldscope, its assembly and practical utility was demonstrated on first day.

During the two day workshop students got an opportunity to learn about the concept of a foldable microscope. The very idea of a microscope which they can keep in their pocket and attach to their mobile is very exciting for them. Contrary to other workshops and seminars they never get bored in this workshop as they are exploring the things on their own. On second day they have prepared their own slides.

Onion peel was stained with freshly prepared beet root extract.

Though target group includes science students, still they were sharing that they have never handled microscopes independently in schools and they liked the concept of foldscope very much and want to use it as a regular practical tool for microscopy in their routine practicals.


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