Posterior Spiracle of Maggots ( Musca domestica Larvae)

Here’s a beautiful and detailed picture of the processed Posterior Spiracle of the Musca domestica Larvae, which was collected from an infected wound.

  1. The larvae was boiled in 10% NaOH for about 5 mins and was thoroughly rinsed in water.
  2. It was then dehydrated for 2 – 5 mins in increasing concentrations of alcohol ( 70%, 90% and 100%).
  3. The larvae was then kept in a clearing agent ( carbolic acid).
  4. The cleared larvae was mounted in DPX mountant and  examined under foldscope.

The posterior end of the larvae consists of

  • a Pair of brown ‘D’ shaped spiracles
  • A chitinised ring (button) and
  • 3 sinuous ‘m’ shaped stigmatic slits on each spiracle.

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